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Are you feeling the aches and pains of aging? Our signature service, The Rejuevaheat massage (a massage on an infrared heat mat), may be the perfect solution for you! Infrared heat helps to increase circulation and reduce inflammation, so it can potentially provide quick pain relief.


Plus, a massage with an infrared heat mat offers the soothing effects of traditional massage techniques to decrease tension and stress.


Combined, these two treatments offer comprehensive relief – both physically and mentally. Come experience the healing power of an infrared heat massage today!


What exactly is a Rejuevaheat Massage?

It's the same great therapeutic massage while also implementing our infrared heat mat.


Using the infrared heat mat during your next massage will make your muscles melt even faster.


Because infrared heat has the ability to penetrate the body up to 5 cm rather than 2mm, the massage will be much more effective.

Far Infrared Heat benefits include:

  • alleviates joint aches
  • detoxifies the body
  • reduces water retention
  • alleviates chronic fatigue
  • reduces minor muscle aches

The Body Ache Escape Difference

Are you the type to always feel a little bit of tension in your body?


Body Ache Escape Massage Center offers personalized massages tailored to help reduce pain and provide relaxation. Our massage therapists have multiple therapeutic techniques up their sleeve, including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, aromatherapy, and cupping. Whether you’re looking for a full-body massage or just want to target one particular area – our team is here to serve!


Unlike other massage places, our massage is the full hour and not a professional 50 minutes. We also do not have memberships, but we do have discounted packages.


Enjoy taking a mini escape from your daily stressors no matter where you are or what time it is with our cozy rooms equipped with soothing music, dim lighting, and warm blankets that will calm your senses and make it all about YOU! Our clients say they feel 10 years younger when they leave our office!


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We Hope To See You Soon!

"Life Changing! Thoroughly enjoyed my 90 minute massage. Discussed cupping and was afforded a quick intro experience with it. My mind and body is completely transformed and reset. My therapist is an absolute Goddess with magic hands. She listens to your body, is a natural at finding trigger points and truly works so hard to release any tension and knots. The facility is very comfortable and all of the staff members are pleasant. Already booked my next appointment!" - JJ

"I'm 9 months pregnant and had my prenatal massage! It felt amazing, My therapist applied just the right pressure and worked on common achey areas from pregnancy like my hips but also working on my back and shoulders. She is personable and friendly, enough for friendly chat but a lot of silence and relaxation, she seems to know what the client wants. The place is small, not your fancy chain, but I think that's what's great is that you have experienced staff who knows how to treat their clients. I also liked I had a full hour massage unlike other places where they seem to cut it short at 45 min. I will definitely be back if I need another massage!" - Chelle Padrega




"I've been getting regular massages here for nearly 2 years and have no plans to stop. My massage therapist is amazing. I'm a runner and lift weights and thought a shoulder that popped and tight hips were normal. Nope! After a few sessions with her, it was amazing how much better I felt. Also, the support staff is extremely friendly. I highly recommend Body Ache Escape!" - Jonathan Bennett

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