Ohio Workers Compensation

We are accepting Ohio Workers Compensation (BWC) clients! Please call the office to make your appointment!

workers compensation

There is a little extra paperwork for you to fill out. Please come early to your first appointment to fill it out.

You will need to talk to your doctor about having massage before you come see us for the first time. They will have to request your visits on a C9 from your insurance company. We will need the approved C9 before we can schedule you as well as your case number and case manager’s phone number.

What are the benefits of massage after a work accident?

1. Reduced Muscle Tension: Massage helps to reduce muscle tension and spasms which are common after a work accident. This can allow the injured worker to return to work quicker than if they had not received massage.

2. Improved Circulation: After an accident, massage can help to improve circulation and reduce the risk of further injury. This helps to speed up the recovery process.

3. Improved Range of Motion: Massage can help to improve range of motion, which is essential for injured workers to return to their jobs.

4. Reduced Pain: Massage can help to reduce pain and discomfort that is often associated with a work accident. This can help to reduce the amount of medication an injured worker needs to take.

5. Stress Relief: Work accidents can be very stressful and massage can help to reduce stress levels and provide some much needed relaxation.

workers compensation