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Discover the ultimate pathway to relaxation with our Zero Gravity Massage Chair. It’s your key to unlocking a better, healthier you

Liberate Your Relaxation: A Zero-Contact, Zero-Gravity Massage Revolution.

Unlock unparalleled comfort and privacy with our state-of-the-art massage chair, designed to provide therapeutic relief without the need for direct human interaction, perfect for those seeking a deeply personal wellness journey.

zero gravity massage chair

Our pricing plans

60 Minutes


Dive deeper into relaxation with our 60-minute Zero Gravity Chair Session. This extended session allows for a comprehensive wellness experience, providing ample time for every muscle to unwind under the gentle, precise pressure of our state-of-the-art zero gravity chair.

30 Minutes


Experience a quick escape to relaxation with our 30-minute Zero Gravity Chair Session. Perfect for those on-the-go, this session offers targeted relief and relaxation, enveloping you in a weightless embrace that eases tension and stress

Couples Zero Gravity Massage Chair

$70/30 Minutes
$110/60 Minutes

Share the weightlessness with someone special. This unique experience lets you and a partner enjoy simultaneous relaxation in your own separate zero-gravity chairs, within the same private space. It’s the perfect way to enjoy some quiet time together, experiencing individualized relaxation and rejuvenation, side by side.

Wear something comfortable! All you will do to enjoy this massage is kick off your shoes and sit back. The foot rollers may be more comfortable with socks than without so we suggest bringing some socks!

Unfortunately, the chair we currently have has a 260-pound weight limit.

There is a chance! But don’t worry, you don’t have to talk to them. You can bring earbuds if it makes you more comfortable. If you’d like the room to yourself, you can book a couples session and just come alone. It will be the couple’s price though!

One of the receptionists will give you a quick tutorial. However, the chairs are very user friendly. You will likely figure it out all on your own.

It’s a different experience. A massage therapist will be able to pinpoint tight spots better. The chair can get intense at times but it’s easily adjustable.

It is completely personal preference. Some may enjoy the sauna first so their muscles are looser when they get in the chair. On the other hand, if someone’s body doesn’t cool down quickly, it may not be comfortable to get a massage while still sweating. There will be time after your sauna for a quick rinse off in the shower.

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