We are dedicated to enhancing your overall health, nurturing your mental clarity, and invigorating your physical vitality.

Discover the ultimate pathway to relaxation with our exclusive monthly Zero Gravity Massage Chair membership. It’s your key to unlocking a better, healthier you

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Savings of over 44%

4 30-Minute Zero Gravity Massage Chair Sessions Per Month

Extra Sessions For Less

Discounts on Sauna Sessions

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Savings of over 50%

8 30-Minute Zero Gravity Massage Chair Sessions Per Month

Extra Sessions For Less

10% Off All Massage Add-Ons

Discounts on Sauna Sessions

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Savings of over 83%!!

Unlimited 30-Minute Massage Chair Sessions Per Month

One Sauna Session Per Month

10% Off All Massage Add-Ons

Discounts on Sauna Sessions

Bring a friend for their first time free

Exclusive Offers

When You Dedicate Yourself to Regular Chair Massage Sessions,

Prepare to Immerse in a Wonderland of Remarkable Benefits, Such as…


Relaxed Muscles

With it’s 4d rotating action, the massage chair will eliminate muscle tension.

Improved Immune System

The massage will stimulate your lymph system, boosting your immune system and reducing illness.

Reduced Anxiety

Increasing the body’s production of serotonin and dopamine will decrease anxiety and stress and improve your mood.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions will accrue from the 4 & 8-session membership until cancellation. Unlimited sessions do not roll over. Accrued sessions will expire 3 months after cancellation.

Each member of our Zero Gravity Massage Chair Membership receives:

  • The number of Zero Gravity Massage Chair sessions listed in your membership plan (4, 8, Unlimited)

  • If you use all your monthly sessions, no worries. You can get additional sessions at our great member rates:

10% Off Additional Massage Chair Sessions

  • Our Massage Chair Members receive 10% off massage add-on services such as CBD, Paraffin Wax, Sugar Scrub or Infrared Heat Mat.

  • Unlimited Massage Chair Members may bring a guest to use the massage chair at the same time and their first service is always FREE!

  • Massage Chair Members get early access to new products and services.

  • Massage Chair Members get priority booking when on the waitlist for an appointment.

  • Massage Chair Members have access to exclusive specials and offers throughout the year that are not available to other guests.

  • No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime.

No problem!


Memberships can be put on hold for a minimum period of 1 month and a maximum of 4 months. A 14-day written notice must be given to place a membership on hold. Billing will resume automatically at the end of the hold period. To freeze your membership, email us at i[email protected] with your written request. Be sure to include the day you want the freeze to begin and the date you want your freeze to end.

No problem at all! Membership cancellation requires a 25 days notice from the monthly billing date. If you want to cancel your membership, simply:

  1. Email us at [email protected] and let us know that you want to cancel.

  2. In the subject line write: Membership Cancellation

  3. In the email please include the date you would like your cancellation to be effective. Keep in mind the 25 days notice when planning your cancellation effective date.


We will begin the cancelation process as soon as we receive your written request. Please keep in mind that you can also request to put it on hold/freeze. A $20 restart fee will be added if you’d like to rejoin.

To sign up for our Massage Chair Membership, click this link to select your plan:


or simply book your next appointment and we can sign you up during checkout.

We will go through all the details with you and have you sign our membership agreement.