Our Team

The Massage Therapists of Body Ache Escape Massage Center

Dustin Block

Dustin Block, LMT

Dustin is the newest addition to our team! He is extremely passionate about massage. He is also respectful, kind, and has a calming demeanor. His touch is gentle yet firm. He has had all 5 star reviews. His clients rave about him! He looks forward to meeting you soon!

Aubrey Lopez, LMT

Aubrey earned her massage license in 2018. She excited to learn, grow and blossom at Body Ache Escape. She is especially good at finding trigger points.

She became interested in massage when accompanying her mom to physical therapy and hearing all of their success stories. Her favorite thing about massage therapy is the process of it. She loves getting to know her clients, being their advocate and watching their progress. It can be life-changing for people who are really struggling with daily activities.

Daniella Temesvery, LMT

When Daniella was 16 she got her first massage and from that point knew being a massage therapist was her dream job. She was so eager she took the prerequisite courses for Columbus States massage therapy program in high school. Now that she is licensed she looks forward to using her knowledge of therapeutic touch, hot stone massage, and trigger point to help her clients find relief from pain. She is excited to take continuing education class so she can stay up to date with the best treatments.

Jewelie Heston, LMT

Jewelie has been a massage therapist since 2014 and loves giving pregnancy massage! She comes from a big family and has a bulldog/boxer mix named Winston, after the great Winston Churchill since he was known as “the bulldog”.

Jewelie became a massage therapist at a time when she was trying to figure out to do with her life. Thankfully for us, massage school was the only class enrolling at the time! She uses medium to deep pressure and is sure to help you feel better.

She is trained in: Pregnancy~Therapeutic~Relaxation~Hot Stone~Couples Massage Class~Pediatric~Sports~Deep Tissue


Andrew Picklesimer, LMT

A graduate of Columbus State Community College, Andrew likes to teeter the line between relaxation and therapeutic massage. He specializes in trigger point therapy; playing detective, each knot another clue to the source of your pain. Andrew can also help you prepare for or recover from an athletic event with his training in sports massage and has been known to help with chronic headaches as well.

Client quote: “His hands are like magic! I have had massages before for headaches & tension in my neck & shoulders but none like the way he does it. The areas that he applies pressure & holds and then massages out is amazing. I feel so free of tension and stiffness for several days after. The amount of pressure he uses is great and always will ask if it’s good or should he use more/less. ”

He is trained in ~Therapeutic~Deep Tissue~Trigger Point~”The Michele Method”~Relaxation~Sports~Pregnancy~Hot Stone~Couples Massage Training

Morgan McGee, LMT

Morgan graduated from the same prestigious massage school as Michele & Kyron, the great Columbus State! She was licensed in 2012 and has worked a few places to gather lots of great experience.

She has an extensive dance background which allows her to bring a unique perspective to the massage table. Morgan blends therapeutic techniques with relaxation massage to soothe away aches and pains.

“She has a relaxing and hypnotic yet firm touch, which is what I like best. She even made me nod off in her interview massage! Hired!” ~Michele

She is trained in ~Therapeutic~Deep Tissue~”The Michele Method”~Trigger Point~Relaxation~Pregnancy~Hot Stone~Fasciablaster~Couples Massage Training

Sara Day, LMT

Sara went to the American Institute of Alternative Massage and became licensed in January of 2013.  She uses a lighter touch to get the work done and loves working with headaches and hip and shoulder problems. She has taken specialized classes in Neuromuscular Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and CranioSacral Therapy. Sara is one of our Advanced Therapists.

Client quote:  “Sara lets my body speak to her. She knows where my trouble spots are without my saying a word to her! I always leave feeling so much better.”

She is trained in ~Craniosacral~Lymph Drainage~Reiki~Therapeutic~Myofascial Release~Neuromuscular Therapy (trigger point)~Pregnancy~Cupping

Kyron Moses, Owner & Master Massage Therapist

Give Kyron a mission and he will accomplish it. Tell him you have back pain and you will walk out feeling great! He is great at easing any ache or pain and can tell you exactly what to do at home to help. His massage is most similar to physical therapy and includes a great deal of stretching & joint movements, which is just what a lot of people need! He loves working with athletes, preparing them for events or helping them recover. He is a master massage therapist.

Michele Cook, Owner & Master Massage Therapist

Michele has recently moved into the role of owner/manager only. She continues to pass down her tribal knowledge to her amazing team who have the same mindset as her. Never stop learning. She is splitting her time between Body Ache Escape and flipping houses with her husband.