Sports Massage Therapy

How Is Massage Therapy Beneficial For The Weightlifters?

One specialty therapeutic massage type is sports massage. Kyron, Zaakirah, Eric, and Andrew are sports massage therapists skilled in this type of massage.
Sports massage therapy combines modalities for individuals involved in vigorous exercise or activity. Swedish massage, Myofascial release, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Massage, Trigger point therapy, assisted stretching, and foam roller exercises help clients relieve soreness, release muscle tension, help prevent injury, improve range of motion, and increase blood flow. Marathoners, High School Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and even those who have just begun an exercise regimen can benefit from massage. This massage is mostly about when to use which techniques to enhance performance, so it is best to schedule your session before or after your special event. Athletes can also benefit from regular therapeutic massages.

After conducting an initial physical assessment to identify areas of tension or discomfort, our team will tailor each session to provide maximum benefit. This will involve focused bodywork, targeted stretching exercises, and practical self-care tips to promote continued success beyond the appointment window.

If you’re a sports fan, you know that injuries are an unfortunate part of the game. Athletes deal with all sorts of aches and pains, from twisted ankles to pulled muscles. Luckily, there’s a type of massage that can help ease those pains and speed up the healing process: sports massage.
At Body Ache Escape, we offer massage therapy to help our clients get back in the game as soon as possible. So, if you’re feeling sore after your next game or workout or have chronic pain, see us! We’ll take care of you. When people in Columbus, Ohio say, “I’m looking for a sports massage near me to help me recover from my recent workout.” they call us!
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Zaakirah Muhammad one of our great massage therapists

Zaakirah Muhammad

Zaakirah Muhammad is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from Columbus State Community College in September 2021. With a focus on sports massage, she has a talent for helping athletes release tension and improve their performance through targeted bodywork. Her pressure level ranges from medium to deep, allowing her to provide clients with the perfect amount of pressure to ensure maximum results.

Zaakirah’s true passion lies in working on the neck and back, which are common areas of tension and discomfort for athletes. She takes a unique and personalized approach to each session, offering a tailored experience that targets your specific needs. Whether you’re a professional athlete who wants to improve performance or a weekend warrior who is looking for injury prevention, Zaakirah can help you achieve your goals and perform at your best.

Zaakirah Muhammad
Eric Maedeker licensed massage therapist

Eric Maedecker

Eric is focused on using his knowledge of sports massage to help clients find relief from pain and improve their athletic performance. His expertise includes therapeutic touch, hot stone therapy, and trigger point therapy. Eric specializes in deep tissue massage and trigger point massage techniques.

Eric’s commitment to providing the best possible care for his clients extends beyond his initial training. He is excited to take continuing education classes to stay up to date with the latest techniques and treatments in sports massage. For those seeking a knowledgeable and experienced therapist, Eric is an excellent choice.

Eric Maedecker

Andrew Picklesimer

Andrew, a graduate of Columbus State Community College, is a highly skilled massage therapist with a specialty in sports massage. He understands the importance of balancing relaxation with therapeutic benefits and can customize each session to meet your unique needs.

Andrew’s expertise lies in trigger point massage, where he uses his detective skills to locate each knot and determine the source of pain. This approach allows him to effectively alleviate tension and promote healing. Additionally, Andrew is trained in sports massage techniques that can help you prepare for or recover from athletic events.

Andrew Picklesimer