Castor Oil Packs

fertility massage
Body Ache Escape offers fertility massage for women who want to become pregnant. It helps to prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy. The massage breaks up scar tissue and helps the body to reduce inflammation. It must be scheduled in the time between Day 1 and ovulation of the menstrual cycle.

Cold-pressed castor oil packs are a big component of fertility massage.

Castor oil packs can be used to help promote healing and reduce inflammation. They are especially good for digestive problems, ovarian cysts, inflamed joints and boosting the immune system. I have found them to work incredibly well for constipation.

The castor oil pack we made in class was very simple. You take one of those old fashioned hot water bottles and fill it with hot water, cover the area you want to treat (your stomach) with castor oil, then place a flannel pillowcase over the area, place the hot water bottle over the pillowcase and cover the hot water bottle with the remainder of the pillowcase. Leave on for as long as comfortable. I will typically put the castor oil pack on before I go to bed, then just fall asleep with it on.

This should only be done for a maximum of 4 days in a row with 3-4 days between. The castor oil can build up in the body if used for too many days in a row and cause unwanted side effects.

When women are using castor oil packs to enhance fertility, they should use them for the first 4 days of their menstrual cycle.castor oil packs

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