Does Massage work for Bursitis?knee pain, massage work for bursitis

A bursa is a small, flat fluid filled sac that reduces friction between tendons and bones. Bursitis is inflammation of the bursa, caused by overuse.
Some things that would make bursitis more likely to occur are muscle imbalances, poor biomechanics, postural problems and a lack of flexibility.
The shoulder, hip, elbow and knee are the top places people get bursitis.
Bursitis causes pain that is deep and burning both at rest and with activity. It causes heat and swelling. It restricts range of motion. More than likely one will have tendinitis as well.

How does massage work for bursitis?

Massage helps bursitis by releasing the muscles surrounding the affected area. This encourages healing. The tighter the muscles are the more it’s going to pull at the affected area perpetuating the problem.
At home care consists of icing (20 min on, 20 min off) and stretching or rolling out the muscles that are surrounding the affected area. Also, avoid laying on the side that hurts.
Typically it takes bursitis a few weeks to feel better. A doctor will most likely prescribe steroids or antibiotics to speed up the recovery.
In the worst cases surgery may need to happen to remove the infected bursae. Don’t worry though because bursae can grow back all on their own within 24 months.
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