The Pectoralis (Pec)

alt="cause of thumb joint pain", pec, pectoralisThe pectoralis aka. pec major is a large muscle covering the chest from the clavicle to the abdomen and inserts at the top of the arm (the humerus). It is responsible for actions like push-ups, also punching, swimming or sawing a piece of wood.
When there are trigger points (knots) in the pec major, the shoulders will be pulled forward causing a rounded posture look. This will most likely cause pain around the shoulder blade in your upper back. Those muscles are straining to keep you upright. Trigger points in the pec can also radiate down the arm. It travels into the inside of the elbow or into the hand affecting your pinky, ring finger and middle finger. The sensations you may feel are numbness, tingling, pain, etc. You may also have difficulty or be uncomfortable wearing a bra if you have a trigger point in the pec muscle.

To help this muscle feel better you will need to do two things. 1. release the pec 2. strengthen the back. Follow the video below for a good stretch. You can always schedule an appointment for help to release this muscle and we can give you more tips!