Client Testimonials

Sara has the hands of an angel. I cannot imagine going to anyone else.
I’ve been hooked on Michele’s massage therapy since I got my first 10 minute massage last year. I NEVER would’ve guessed I had as many knots or as much tension stored up until she started working me over. There is NOTHING better than getting a massage from her after a hard workout (or a bad day at the office). I am usually half asleep on the table by the time she is done with me – its a shame to have to get up to drive home. I recommend her to everybody I workout with.
I threw my back out when I was about 6 months pregnant and spent nearly a month in chiropractic care. While my back felt better, my muscles were still sore from being out of whack for so long and for carrying around the baby! A friend of mine recommended Michele. She was fantastic! She was very attentive to my pre-natal needs and my back felt much better. I think that labor and delivery was actually easier because my back was in good shape thanks to Michele. Thanks Michele!

Kyron Moses, one of the staff at Body Ache Escape has helped me with my tendonitis and other pain ailments. My occupational therapist suggested I see a good deep tissue massage therapist when my insurance visits exhausted. Today, Kyron Moses is in my busy monthly calendar. Earlier I visited him weekly, then bi-monthly, then monthly now. Budget is tight, but I trim & transfer my other expenses and invest my health here. I am so much healthier, feel less pain, and am happy I feel normal again and having fun enjoying life. I am keeping Kyron Moses forever. I used to fly to Toronto, Canada before. Now I can drive by myself instead… saving money. He is a happy professional with a SMILE! Body Ache Escape is my trusted worthy help in town… when I am in pain because of their availability in their hours of operation which tells us they truly CARE.

I would highly recommend Kyron! I have been getting regular massages for the past 12 years and have been to numerous therapists. Kyron is by far the best massage therapist I’ve been to.
I have been getting massages for years. My son made an appointment for me with Kyron Moses. It was a terrific decision. He really makes a difference. . My undergrad degree is in biological sciences so I appreciate that he “knows his stuff.” His knowledge of anatomy is excellent. He listens to my concerns and reacts to ease my pain and stiffness. I arrive feeling like a “stick”. I leave feeling like a “noodle.” Great improvement!