Deep Tissue Massage 

Gets that stabbing, throbbing, piercing pain out of your head, shoulder, hip, and low back

Slow strokes and deep pressure release deeply held tension in the body. Deep tissue massage therapy was created to reach the deep layers of muscles, specifically the individual muscle fibers. Using deep muscle compression and friction along the grain of the muscle, its purpose is to un-stick the fibers of the muscles and release both toxins and deeply held patterns of tension. This massage technique is designed to be more therapeutic than relaxing, although it can be relaxing for some. It is deep pressure but should never be painful. All of our massage therapists are trained in these massage techniques. Deep tissue work can go by many other names, but all essentially mean that the massage goes past the superficial layer of muscle. Most people need at least some deep tissue massage included in their session. If you have pain and soreness, this is the massage you want for your health and wellness schedule!

deep tissue massageThe benefits of deep tissue massage therapy:

  • Can help back pain
  • May help lower blood pressure
  • Can relieve pregnancy pain
  • Aids in injury recovery
  • Can help break up scar tissue
  • Can help improve range of motion
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Can help eliminate chronic pain

Side effects of deep tissue massage therapy:

While deep tissue massage has no harmful side effects, you want to let your massage therapist know if the massage becomes too painful. Some conditions you will want to be aware of are contraindicated for this type of bodywork.

  • Blood Clots
  • Nerve Injury
  • Recent Surgery
  • Chemotherapy
  • Skin Conditions or Wound

best massage for after the gym

What is the difference between deep tissue massage and therapeutic massage?

Deep tissue massage is a type of therapeutic massage. Other types of therapeutic massage include myofascial release, lymph drainage, trigger point therapy, and craniosacral massage.

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Experiencing the best deep tissue massage in Columbus, Ohio, at Body Ache Escape is essential for your overall wellness. Our licensed massage therapists provide top-notch therapeutic massage services designed to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. Whether you’re seeking the best deep-tissue massage or a soothing spa experience, our team is dedicated to enhancing your well-being. Don’t miss out on the benefits of our exceptional massage therapy. Contact us today to book an appointment and rejuvenate your body and mind at Body Ache Escape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deep tissue massage can be intense due to the firm pressure used to target deeper layers of muscle tissue and relieve stress. This form of massage is designed to address specific problem areas and may cause some discomfort, especially with existing pain and tension. However, it shouldn’t be excessively painful. A consultation with a licensed practitioner at a reputable day spa, like Body Ache Escape in Columbus, OH, can help customize your massage experience to ensure it’s both effective and tolerable. Combining techniques like Swedish massage, cupping, or aromatherapy can provide a more soothing massage. Always communicate with your massage therapist to adjust the pressure for a comfortable and beneficial session.

At Body Ache Escape, several skilled massage therapists specialize in deep tissue massage to provide you with the best massage experience. Shelia, Eric, Kyron, AJ, Heather, and Maggie are all experts in this modality. These therapists are trained to perform deep tissue massage designed to release toxins, reduce inflammation, and target deeper muscle groups. Whether you’re looking for a 60-minute massage or a luxurious 90-minute session, our team offers a full range of services to help you unwind and achieve overall health. Combine your session with additional treatments like acupuncture or reflexology to maximize the benefits of massage. Call us today to book your appointment and get the full Body Ache Escape experience.

At Body Ache Escape, the cost of a deep tissue massage varies based on the level of the therapist performing the massage. A 60 minute massage is $85 at the licensed level, $95 at the advanced level, and $105 at the master level. Each session is designed to help you achieve relaxation and refresh your body. Whether you’re seeking a full body massage to complement your wellness routine or seeking relief for specific tendon issues, our therapists provide the highest quality care. We also offer gift cards, making it easy to give your body the care it deserves.

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