Fertility Massage

 ALT="fertility massage"
A fertility massage is a specially designed massage just for women who are trying to conceive. This massage helps the body become as healthy as it can be to prepare for conception.
A fertility massage should be performed from day 1 of cycle to ovulation, transfer or procedure.
The fertility massage protocol includes:

Cranial Sacral Techniques

are simple energy holds that may open the central channel and align the head and the pelvis.

Jaw and TMJ

release work to open the mouth and the reflex areas of the hips and deep pelvis.

Colon cleansing

includes castor oil packs and deep large and small intestine massage.

Pelvic Friction

will break up adhesions and increase circulation to the reproductive organs.

ReflexologyALT="infertility massage"

for fertility will stimulate hormonal glands and reproductive areas to increase the energy flow through those areas,creating greater health and balance.


will work the bladder meridians in the back to open the channel for conception support.

Pelvic Rocking

to loosen the hips, lower back and simulate dancing (a known fertility enhancer).


to help detoxify and stimulate the reproductive organs.
This is not intended to replace any other traditional healthcare that the client is receiving.
The fertility massage session is 80-90 minutes.