Are you ready to elevate your skin to its full radiance? Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the essential facial add-ons that will transform your skincare routine from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether you’re aiming to smooth out fine lines, enrich your skin’s hydration, or chase that vibrant glow, our spa’s suite of add-on services is designed to rejuvenate not just your complexion but your entire spa experience. Let’s explore the enhancements that promise to leave you looking and feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Unveil a smoother, more radiant you with our Dermaplaning service, a must-have for anyone looking to create a brighter, more youthful look. By gently removing peach fuzz facial hair and the top layer of dead skin cells, this treatment not only reveals a brighter, smoother complexion but also makes it the perfect canvas for deeper hydration and more effective skincare product absorption.


Transform your skin with our Chemical Peel add-on, designed to target acne, signs of aging, and hyperpigmentation for a visibly refreshed appearance. This powerful exfoliation treatment encourages cell renewal, deeply rejuvenates the skin, and significantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin feeling smooth, vibrant, and youthful.



Illuminate your skin from within with LED Light Therapy, a revolutionary treatment that addresses acne, inflammation, and early signs of aging. By stimulating collagen production and reducing inflammation, this soothing, non-invasive light therapy enhances skin’s overall health, promoting a firmer, clearer complexion with a radiant inner glow.



Experience deep hydration and skin firming with our Ultrasound treatment add-on, leveraging sound wave technology to promote cellular renewal and improve skin tone. It’s particularly effective in enhancing product penetration, ensuring your skin receives the full benefits of our skin care products, leading to an uplifted, hydrated appearance that feels as good as it looks.



Revitalize and tighten your skin with our invigorating Cold Therapy treatment, perfect for soothing irritation and reducing pore size for a clearer, more refined complexion. This cooling sensation not only refreshes the skin but also stimulates collagen production, helping to reduce fine lines and leaving your skin feeling firm, smooth, and invigorated.


Elevate your skin’s texture and clarity with Microdermabrasion, this exfoliating treatment helps scrub away dead skin cells and promotes new cell growth. Suitable for all skin types, this add-on minimizes pores, tackles fine lines, and restores the surface of the skin, ensuring your skin looks and feels brightened, fresh, and impeccably clear.

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Boost your skin’s health with our High Frequency treatment, a miraculous solution for reducing acne and enhancing skin’s natural glow. This add-on improves skin texture and tone by promoting detoxification and lymphatic drainage, resulting in a healthier, more vibrant complexion that truly stands out.



Our BioLIFT Microcurrent add-on harnesses the power of gentle electrical impulses, delivered through a handheld device, to energize and strengthen facial muscles for an immediate lift, firmness, and tightening effect. This non-invasive, no-downtime, anti-aging treatment, backed by decades of clinical testing, safely revitalizes your skin. Experience soothing waves of microcurrents that glide through your tissues, offering a pain-free path to a visibly younger appearance. The treatment utilizes small probes or pads to apply currents directly to the skin, relaxing over-tightened muscles and boosting under-tightened ones for a beautifully lifted facial contour.


Elevate Your Facial Experience with PCA Skin Products

At Body Ache Escape, we’re committed not just to offering exceptional facial treatments but also to using products that truly make a difference for your skin. That’s why we’ve chosen PCA Skin products as a cornerstone of our facial services. Renowned for their meticulous approach to skincare, PCA Skin products are formulated with innovative ingredients that target a wide array of skin concerns, from fine lines and wrinkles to acne and hyperpigmentation.

Infused with powerful antioxidants, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and effective yet gentle exfoliants, these products work in harmony with our treatment add ons to enhance your skin’s health and appearance. Whether you’re receiving a microdermabrasion treatment designed to resurface the skin or indulging in a soothing LED light therapy session to boost collagen, PCA Skin products amplify the benefits, helping to rejuvenate, hydrate, and protect your skin.

By integrating PCA Skin’s unique formulations into our facials, we ensure that each treatment is not only a luxurious experience but also a transformative one. Their commitment to quality and results aligns with our mission to provide you with skincare solutions that offer real, visible improvements. Embrace the opportunity to improve your skin’s health and achieve a glowing, youthful look with the added power of PCA Skin products at Body Ache Escape.

Discover Anti-Aging Secrets with Our Spa Skincare Add-Ons

Elevate your skincare game at Body Ache Escape, where every facial add-on is a step toward ageless beauty. Understanding that true skincare extends beyond the basics, our add-ons are meticulously designed to target specific concerns, from the eye area to the delicate skin around the neck and chest. Each add-on brings an additional 15 extra minutes of specialized care, ensuring every minute works towards enhancing your natural contours, plumping your skin, and achieving that sought-after glow.

Our add-on spa services are not just treatments; they are transformative experiences customized to your skin care goals. From addressing expression lines with pinpoint accuracy to ensuring every pore on your face and neck is cared for, our spa treatments are tailored to leave your skin radiant and glowing. Plus, with the addition of extraction services aimed at removing impurities from hard-to-reach areas or targeting aging skin with precision, your beauty regimen is elevated to new heights.

Make Body Ache Escape your go-to for skincare. Our spa treatments work with our home care tips to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Book now for a tailored facial that goes beyond what you expect. Start your path to bright, young-looking skin without expression lines with our special add-ons. Let’s transform your look and help you get the glowing skin you’re after. Schedule online!