Timing Matters In Massage Therapy For Maximum Benefits

Lately, massage therapy has gained increased popularity among individuals owing to the increasing stress level. But in order to gain maximum benefits from massage therapy like any other medical or ayurvedic therapy, massage sessions should be properly scheduled. There are certain things that need to be checked before going for a massage session.

It is not appropriate to go for a massage session after having a big injury as it may have a more negative effect than a positive one. There should be a proper time duration per massage session in order to show signs of improvement. It is always better to consult both physician and the massage therapist to plan out a proper massage regimen to yield proper benefits and to avoid any type of further problems. The duration of the massage also matters and it completely depends upon the problems that you are facing. For instance, if you are having issues such as stiffness, which falls under the minor condition category, then half an hour session every day for a week might make you feel better. If your problem falls under the major category then your massage session can last more than an hour. The massage regimen might last for a month depending on the signs of improvement.

If your injury is internal and tissues are damaged then consult a surgeon before going to massage therapy. If you are going for a massage session just to de-stress yourself then a 30-minute Swedish massage can work wonders. Usually, a sports massage takes not more than 30 minutes but the problem is they only focus on specific areas. A complete body massage for relaxation takes 60 minutes which is quite beneficial for overall body functioning.

To conclude, do not make your own decisions for your problems it is always better to consult a physician and a trained massage therapist for your problems. Share complete details so that the massage therapist can plan your massage session accordingly in order to yield maximum benefits