Tips for Boosting Your Blood Circulation

Tips for Boosting Your Blood Circulation

Get plenty of iron in your diet. It’s iron that facilitates the flow of oxygen in your blood, and it’s also iron that is one of the leading minerals that people don’t get enough of. To keep your blood healthy, do your best to eat plenty of whole grain cereals, kidney beans, lentils and leafy green vegetables.

Sidestep Cholesterol and Fats

As you’re making sure you get plenty of iron, you’ll want to ensure that you consume as little fat and cholesterol as possible. This is because bad cholesterol has a tendency to clog up your arteries and slow down your blood flow. Additionally, too much bad cholesterol can harden your arteries and boost your blood pressure, both of which are quite dangerous for elderly individuals.

Drink Plenty of Tea

Much like iron, you might forget just how good tea is for you. Pair a meal rich in iron with tea that is packed with flavonoids and catechins, which allow for proper dilation of the arteries. Specifically, you’ll want to drink black, white and green tea. Even better is the fact that studies suggest that these teas can keep heart disease at bay while boosting your antioxidant intake.

Get Your Exercise

There are so many benefits of exercise that you might as well find a way to get in as much as possible. The great thing about exercise, besides the fact that it can lower your blood pressure and reduce the bad cholesterol touched on above, is that there are so many different ways you can get moving and get healthy. Once you find a routine you like, be sure to switch it up so that you don’t get bored and to keep your mind and body fully engaged.

Stand Up

If you spend a lot of time sitting down either on the couch or at a desk, be sure you take breaks and stand up and move around so your blood can circulate properly. It’s an especially good idea to get moving between bouts of sitting if you have a tendency to cross your legs while you sit, which is especially bad for your circulation as well as your posture. Besides standing as much as possible, you’ll also want an office chair and an ergonomic workplace setup that supports healthy circulation.

Stop Smoking

Just as exercising has a number of benefits, smoking has a number of determinants, such as blocking your body’s ability to move oxygen through the blood. If you’re a smoker, do everything you can to kick the habit before it kicks you.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to taking excellent care of your body. Be sure to focus on keeping your blood properly circulating to feel healthy inside and out.