Want to Feel Steady on Your Feet Everyday?

Discover These 3 Tips for Walking Well


For the last 60 or 70 years, you never gave walking a second thought; you just got on with it.

Now you find yourself having to concentrate when you are walking. You are paying attention and trying hard to stay steady. Instead of enjoying your surroundings, you find yourself looking down and worrying.

Walking safely and confidently is crucial to staying active and engaged with life. Not only does it help us get where we need to go, but it also gives us the confidence to get out in the world and make the most of every day.

These are the three things that we recommend our members to pay attention to when walking:

Tip #1: Pull Up Tall for Good Posture

It’s a natural response to stoop when you feel unsteady. It feels protective and enables you to watch the ground more carefully.

However, stooping actually throws your balance off further. When you bend forward, your center of gravity moves, and you become less stable. A smaller trip or stumble will be more likely to knock you off your balance.

Tip #2: Rolling Heel-Toe Action

Walking well requires a rolling movement in the foot. We tend to lose this natural movement as we get older.

The result is that our walking is less powerful, and we are at more risk of trips and stumbles.

Tip #3: Swing Those Arms

We also lose the habit of swinging our arms, which affects how well we walk. Arm swinging is more important than we realise.

When your leg swings through the air, it is counterbalanced by the arm swinging on the opposite side of the body. Your central core is then more able to balance you and keep you steady.

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