How Does A Woman With Large Breasts Lie on Her Stomach

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Recently I’ve been answering all the most embarrassing questions people have about massage.

It’s natural that people would wonder how a blessed woman with large breasts would lie on her stomach. “Wouldn’t it hurt?”, my male clients ask.

Fortunately, there are a few ways we can prevent it from hurting.

1. We raise the face rest up. This lets the woman have some extra room so she’s not craning her neck to reach the face rest.

2. We can place a pillow right below her chest relieving some of the pressure.

3. We have a couple of special pillows that are shaped like a butterfly. Essentially it fits between the breasts and also above and below the chest. It takes a little finagling to get it situated right, but once placed in the correct position it completely relieves the pressure. This pillow is also adjustable with a blood pressure cuff-type air pump.

4. And lastly if the above just doesn’t seem to help at all, we can do side lying massage rather than face down massage.

This is a pretty good video that demonstrates the proper positioning to laying face down.

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