Gluteus Maximus

Do You Have a Pain in Your Butt?

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The gluteus maximus is the largest and most superficial muscle of the sitting muscles. When you have trigger points in this muscle it can cause pain in your butt when sitting, swimming or walking uphill.

Causes of trigger points in the gluteus maximus:

  • A fall or near fall
  • A direct blow
  • Prolonged uphill walking
  • Bad sleeping positions
  • Sitting too long in one position
  • Injection of a irritant medication into the muscle
  • Sitting on a wallet
  • Morton’s foot
  • Different leg lengths
  • Repetitive glute exercises
  • Freestyle or Breast Stroke especially in cold water

How to Get Rid of trigger points in the gluteus maximus:

  • Fix the leg length difference
  • Fix a sacroiliac joint displacement
  • Limit sitting to 15-20 minutes at a time
  • Use a soft cushion with a hole in it to place around the trigger points
  • Sleep with a pillow under or between your knees
  • Don’t sit on your wallet
  • Do gluteus maximus stretches