What’s The Perfect Tea Pairing For Your Self-Care Practice?


Our self-care practices aren’t ever meant to be static—they change with everything from our needs to the time of day. Good thing there’s no shortage of ways to give our bodies, minds, and spirits a steady outpouring of TLC, and Traditional Medicinals , the herbal tea company that’s developed over 50 premium, herbalist-created formulas for our health and wellness needs, is proof of that.


How you move your body after a night of rest can set the tone for your whole day. Center your mind and warm up sleepy muscles with mood-boosting exercise or a full-body stretch. Then, make yourself a cup of Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger tea by Traditional Medicinals. Research backs up turmeric’s myriad benefits, like lessening muscle and joint soreness and speeding up muscle recovery post-workout.


Relationship care is an important form of self care: Studies show that cultivating strong personal relationships positively impacts happiness, quality of life, and longevity. Block off a bit of your afternoon schedule to connect with someone you care about over a cup of nourishing herbal tea, like Roasted Dandelion Root tea by Traditional Medicinals. When your friendships are strong, everything else is easier.


Ending each day with strong intentions is a game changer. Try a grounding bedtime ritual during your wind-down routine, like meditation, journaling, or deep breathing, which can help you decompress and de-stress so you can rest soundly through the night. The perfect tea pairing? Nighty Night tea by Traditional Medicinals helps support even easier sleep with soothing chamomile and linden flower.