Can Aromatherapy Boost Your Workout?

We’re all looking for a better, more fun, more enjoyable workout. One that leaves us feeling uplifted, energized — and a bit like a badass. Okay, a lot like a badass. But, when it comes to smell — er — that’s the one thing we’re typically trying to have LESS of during a workout. However, turns out the right smell, a la aromatherapy, may actually help your workout. We chatted with Tracy Griffiths — creator of Aroma Yoga about how and why that is. Plus easy ways you can boost your next sweat sesh.Can Aromatherapy Boost Your Workout?

What are the benefits of incorporating aromatherapy into a workout?

“Aromatherapy, when used during a workout, helps us bring our body, mind and our intentions into the present moment. This increases our focus and attention on any task at hand, especially our workouts.”

How can you incorporate aromatherapy into exercise?

“Place a drop or two on the palms, gently rub the palms together. Then bring the cupped hands over the nose and deeply inhale, completely exhale and repeat two to five more times. As you are practicing this deep, slow breathing exercise, take this time to set your intention for your workout.”

What scents do you recommend for getting energized to move?

“The crisp scents of rosemary, peppermint or lemon can help sharpen our awareness and help us become more mentally and emotionally connected to our physical body. Because of the physiological and emotional components of the olfactory system (how our brain processes scents), we can use our sense of smell to anchor a particular feeling to a particular essential oil. So breathing in favorite essential oils may trigger a positive emotional response and help us get in the ‘zone’ before working out. Most athletes know being in a positive and empowering mindset is crucial to a successful workout. Using aromatherapy in your fitness routines can be a great way to get the most out of yourself!”

Michele from Body Ache Escape recommends Citrus Bliss from Doterra as an aromatherapy scent to get you motivated for a good workout! If you want to skip the workout and just get a massage, schedule an appointment with us!