Ease Aches With This 5-Minute Foam Roller WorkoutEase Aches With This 5-Minute Foam Roller Workout

Tight, achy, and just plain stiff sometimes? We’ve all been there. While a foam roller can be a great prop for a killer workout, it’s also the perfect tool to help ease aches and pains after a killer workout or particularly long day.

These five foam roller exercises are going to make you feel so much better, especially if you commit to doing them a few times a month. Whenever you need some relief, grab a roller and do each move for one minute. The harder the roller, the more pressure it will put on your muscles. If you prefer a firm roller, try the one we sell at Body Ache Escape!

  1. Turn your roller parallel to your shoulders and start with your hands on the floor, making sure your shoulders, elbows, and wrists are aligned. Carefully bring one shin at a time on top of your roller, keeping your abs pulled in so you can stabilize.
  2. Carefully roll back and forth to massage your shins. Keep your core firm to ensure the pressure stays on the tops of your legs and not in the back, and maintain pressure in your hands. For an extra perk, rock side-to-side not just front-and-back. (Psst! Here’s how to relieve back tension using your foam roller.)Ease Aches With This 5-Minute Foam Roller Workout