One of the main problems with different leg lengths is that it can lead to a lack of balance and coordination. When your legs are different lengths, your brain has to work harder to process information about where your body is in space, which can lead to increased levels of fatigue. In addition, it can also cause pain in the hips and knees, as the joints have to bear more weight than they should. This can eventually lead to joint damage and degenerative conditions such as arthritis. In short, this can have a serious impact on your health, so it’s best to correct the problem with heel lifts. We can help with the aches and pains caused by differing leg lengths with an amazing therapeutic massage.

Different Leg Lengths

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Perpetuating Factors Different Leg Lengths There are several types of perpetuating factors that cause chronic pain: Mechanical stresses, Nutritional inadequacies, Metabolic inadequacies, Psychological factors and others. Mechanical stresses are structural issues that can create pain such as different leg lengths,

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