Perpetuating factors are the behaviors, mechanics and other things that create chronic pain.

Different Leg Lengths

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Perpetuating Factors Different Leg Lengths There are several types of perpetuating factors that cause chronic pain: Mechanical stresses, Nutritional inadequacies, Metabolic inadequacies, Psychological factors and others. Mechanical stresses are structural issues that can create pain such as different leg lengths, [...]

The Neutral Foot

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The Duck Foot Fix Neutral Feet Lately I have gotten the urge to run. I have a goal to lose some weight and running will help me with that goal. However, when I run, it hurts. I am a big [...]

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Small Hemipelvis

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Small Hemipelvis What exactly is a small hemipelvis? The pelvis is made of two bones that come together with ligaments. In some people one of these bones is smaller than the other causing a plethora of problems. When sitting it [...]

Morton’s Foot

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Morton's Foot Morton's Foot structure is when your second toe is longer than your big toe causing instability. People with Morton's Foot structure also find that their big toe is super flexible as well. A couple of other signs of [...]