Why Do I Always Feel Like I’m Sitting Uneven?

What exactly is a small hemipelvis and why should you care? The pelvis is made of two bones that come together with ligaments. In some people, one of these bones is smaller than the other causing a plethora of problems including chronic pain. Like a short leg, a Small Hemipelvis means that the ischium on one side is higher than the other, causing the base of the spine to tilt, especially when sitting.

When sitting a small hemipelvis makes the body tilt towards the smaller side, sometimes mimicking scoliosis since it causes the spine to curve to compensate. When standing, it seems like the legs are two different lengths or one short leg. It can cause low back pain, hip pain, leg pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, and jaw pain. To fix this problem you can sit with something under the smaller side like a magazine. [If you have a shorter leg, read this]

small hemipelvis, scoliosis, Reynoldsburg massage

You can get an insert for the shoe on the small side of the pelvis or you can carry a magazine or book to sit on under the small side. Massage and acupuncture can help tremendously with the pain caused by this imbalance.

People with a small hemipelvis will feel the need to cross their legs to compensate. It is also common to want to tuck one foot up under the hip that is smaller. Test out the book experiment by sitting on a hard surface. Place the book (one with not too many pages) under one hip and see how it feels. Then after a minute move it to the other side. Do you feel relief when it’s under one side over the other? That’s an indication that the side you get relief on is smaller.

If you feel this may be your problem, schedule an appointment with us to help get you back in alignment!