Top Ten Reasons to Get a Massage

The Greatest Reasons Ever to Get a Massage

We love hearing your reasons for needing a massage! Here’s our best reasons to get a massage.

#10 No 2 year olds allowed in the massage room.

#9 Annoying co-worker gave you a wicked headache.

#8 Your husband is a literal pain in the butt.

#7 While drag racing that teenager, you couldn’t turn your neck to check if you were winning.

#6 You want something good to brag about at your next card club.

#5 You’ve been golfing a 9 on a par 3.

#4 While trying to show your daughter your old cheerleading move you pull…something.

#3 Your morning run has become a run, walk, limp.

#2 The in-laws have overstayed their welcome.

and the #1 reason to get a massage


You have become a monster!

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Have you ever used any of these reasons to get a massage? What is your best reason for getting a massage? Find out about our openings!