Why Massage Makes You Tingle



massage makes you tingle

Muscle, along with connective tissue like fascia and tendons, takes up about half of a person’s body weight and is full of nerves weaving through it. That makes muscle the most sensory producing organ in the body!

Many people aren’t aware of the feedback the nerves are giving them until they start to hurt. But if the nerve endings are able to detect pressure, movement, and stretch why
are we not aware how our muscles feel until they hurt?

The feedback the nerves are giving is called proprioception. Because proprioception is always on, a person becomes immune to it until there is something that shakes it up.
One way to raise your awareness of proprioception is by turning one or more of your other senses off. Plug your nose or blindfold yourself.
Getting a massage is another way to raise the awareness. The touch adds stimuli to the muscular system bringing your attention to it.

In order to thrive, humans need sensory input. We need to feel to learn about ourselves. A massage surprises the proprioceptive system like a good meal surprises the taste buds.

That is why massage makes you tingle!


Taken from an article in pain science.



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