heel pain

Heel pain tripping you up?

The soleus, a big-time contributor to heel pain, is one of the deeper calf muscles. It lies underneath the gastrocnemius and when it has trigger points it can cause pain in the calf as well as in the heel and Achilles tendon.

This muscle provides ankle & knee stability, plantar flexes, and inverts the foot and is very important in running and jumping.

If you have trigger points in your soleus, you may have heel pain that is so severe it hurts to walk especially uphill.

Walking in the wrong shoes can cause trigger points in the soleus. Wear shoes with good traction and a flat heel. You will also want to stay away from slippery surfaces, soft sand, or slanted ground.

Be careful to not sleep with your toes pointed all night. The one thing you do not want to do is leave your toes in a pointed position for too long. This causes the muscle to shorten and makes it stiffen up.

Massage will help to loosen this muscle allowing you to feel a greater range of motion in your foot. So if it hurts when you do any of the above, call us or schedule online! 614-604-6358

You can also do the stretches in the video below! Let us know if this helps you!


If the pain is coming from a bunion, read this.