The Peroneus Muscles

The peroneus muscles are part of the lateral shin. They help point the foot and evert it. Weakness in any of these muscles can contribute to weak ankles and people with problems in the peroneals sprain their ankle frequently. It can also cause foot drop if the nerve is entrapped in the tight muscles.
There are a few things that can cause trigger points in the peroneals. When someone needs to wear a leg cast, the immobilization can cause trigger points. The Morton Foot Structure and a small hemipelvis can also cause trigger points. Trigger points in the peroneals are often mistaken for arthritis of the ankle. Trigger points in the gluteus minimus can cause “satellite trigger points” in the peroneals.
The peroneal nerve can become entrapped as mentioned before and cause pain and paralysis. Other than tight muscles other things that can cause this are a baker’s cyst behind the knee, a ganglion cyst, or swelling of the nerve. Crossing the legs can cause temporary entrapment.
Things to avoid to help trigger points get better: sleeping with a strongly pointed foot, wearing high heels, wearing shoes with unsupported arches, wearing socks that cause an indentation in the skin and wearing narrow pointed toe shoes with a tight toe box.
Massage and acupuncture can help your recovery!
Kyron has recommended some stretches that you can watch below.
*info taken from Volume 2 of Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction, The Trigger Point Manual by Travell and Simons.