7 Gift Ideas For The Health Conscious

There’s a few products I’ve recently experienced that I thought would make a perfect gift..especially for those wanting to take better care of themselves.
1. Voodoo Floss Bands – These stretchy thick bands work like magic to keep the joints loose and supple. You wrap the compression band toward the heart and then perform movements for that particular joint. The compression helps massage the joint and also releases the restrictions.
2. Nuun Electrolyte Tablets– Sometimes our body does not absorb water like it should. Adding these electrolyte tablets to the water will aid the absorption of water.
3. Bragg Liquid Aminos– A healthy alternative to soy sauce. Tastes delicious!
4. Bulletproof Coffee– I started drinking this about 3 weeks ago. It’s really good, helps with cravings, has made my hair really soft and the organic coffee with good fats help prevent the caffeine crash.
Coffee with Brain OctaneTM Oil and butter tastes awesome, and the two are more powerful together than apart. Coffee transports the Brain OctaneTM Oil into the cells faster and Brain OctaneTM Oil serves as the synergist to increase the absorption of coffee’s major minerals. Therefore grass-fed butter provides some unique, must-have fatty acids that deliver much-needed health benefits including healthy hormones.
5. Sleepmaster Sleep Mask– If you have trouble sleeping, this mask may help. It will help block any light that may be waking you up. The mask is super comfortable because it attaches with velcro rather than an elastic band. Also, it goes right over the ears instead of above them so it helps muffle sounds too.

a gift certificate to body ache escape is the perfect gift

6. The Passion Planner– I used this planner last year and have already ordered my 2016 planner. If you have goals you want to meet, check this planner out!
7. A Gift Certificate to Body Ache Escape! (saved the best perfect gift for last!)