How to Get Healthy Again (Even After Age 60)

We want to get healthy again, but it sometimes seems as though we’re being sabotaged at every turn.

We plan for better habits, yet roadblocks to our increased success bolt-up – though minutes before we saw only open highway ahead.

We wait, tapping our fingers and muttering under our breath – blaming the world for yet another gridlock situation.

We wonder:

  • when will everything finally go my way?
  • when will I finally get myself into great shape?
  • when will I have the energy again, like I did when I was younger?We don’t want to see the truth of it, that we placed these blocks on the road ourselves.

    Become Healthier by Training Your Mind First

    Your own attitudes and life choices help to determine your daily experiences.

    Human beings are masters of unconscious self-sabotage. But the good news is, when we make up our minds about something, we can accomplish anything.

    When you realize that health is the foundation upon which all good things are built (I mean, when you fully realize it – when you decide that excellent health is your number-one priority, and you mean it), then it’s a matter of action steps and time before you will be healthier than you have ever been before.

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    To get healthy after age 60 you will likely need to make some internal shifts first.

    Jack Canfield, age 72, is an author and specialist in personal power, and these first four ways are inspired by his prosperity teachings.

    1. Be All In. Decide that You Want to Get Healthy

    Put the power of your unconscious mind to work for you, even while you sleep. When your unconscious mind knows that your conscious mind is serious about something, it lends a helping hand.

    When you get my free updates you also get instant access to my bonus report on how to sneak more vegetables into your daily diet.