Chronic stress has a significant effect on your health: From cardiovascular problems to increased blood pressure to digestive issues, your stress levels have the power to affect your well-being.

According to functional medicine pioneer and scientific adviser at Thorne Robert Rountree, M.D., stress is at the forefront of every disease, and it’s crucial to address even acute levels of anxiety.

“Pick your disease, and stress is always there,” he shares on this episode of the mindbodygreen podcast.

That’s exactly why we decided to include hemp in our new supplement+ line , created in partnership with Thorne, the leading manufacturer of science-backed supplements. Our hemp multi+ supplement has targeted, scientific evidence that helps tackle the acute stress we face every day.Here’s how it works: The hemp extract promotes a sense of calm from the blend of phytocannabinoids that are in hemp extract. One systematic review has shown how the humulon and lupulon components […]