Hurt to Breathe?

The Serratus Anterior

Does it hurt to breathe? Might be the serratus anterior

Does it hurt to breathe? Did it start after a really long run or after you were sick?

You might have trigger points in your serratus anterior. Signs of trigger points are: you have pain that goes into the corner of your shoulder blade, down the arm and even into your palm and ring finger, your scapula wings out, and your boobs hurt more than usual.

If you get side stitches when you run or it hurts to take a full breath, tell us!

It is the serratus anteriors job to rotate the scapula and stabilize it. Rotating movements like boxing as well as coughing or running can easily irritate this muscle.

Here’s the fix: do whatever you can to NOT cough. Clear your throat instead and drink lots of water. I find that apple cider vinegar helps a lot when I have a cough. I just take a swig in the morning.

You will also want to avoid pushups, overhead presses and any sort of pullups until the trigger point goes away.

If it bothers you when you sleep, hug a pillow with the bad side on top.

Do the stretches that Kyron shows in this video and definitely schedule a massage!