Don’t Drink Pop and Eat

Guzzling sugary drinks while you eat a meaty meal could be causing you to put on weight. This is one reason why you should never have a soft drink with your main meal.

The paper published in BMC Nutrition found the combination decreased the metabolic rate, leading to more fat being stored.

Researchers asked 27 adult volunteers, all of a healthy weight, to spend 24 hours in a metabolic chamber on two separate occasions. Researcher’s tracked the body’s nutrient consumption.Why you should never have a soft drink with your main meal

The participants were then asked about their hunger and craving for certain types of foods after their meal.

Lead author Dr Shanon Casperson explained to BMC “drinking a sugar-sweetened drink with a meal significantly decreases fat use and diet-induced thermogenesis (heat production)”.

“When we paired the sugar-sweetened drink with a protein-rich meal, the combination further decreased how much fat our bodies used and how warm our bodies got from eating. This happened by more than 40 percent.”

“We found that the body only used 80 of the 120 kcals that were provided by the sugar-sweetened drink.”

“These results highlight the impact that consuming a sugar-sweetened drink can have on energy balance and fat use.

She said the findings provide further insight in to the harmful role soft drinks play in the obesity crisis.