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What type of massage can help gym soreness?

What Type of Massage Can Help With Soreness From The Gym?

by Guest Poster

There are different forms of massages which help […]

  • fascia

Views on the Bruise (Why a Massage Can Leave a Bruise)

Views on the Bruise
Fascia is the glue that holds our bodies together. It goes through our muscles, under our skin, […]

  • Healing Hands Launch Party

The Healing Hands Launch Party

You are invited!!!
Healing Hands Launch Party
Celebration is in order! The launch of The Healing Hands Foundation is on August 21st […]



Have you ever had a concussion? Have you had a head injury from sports, a fall, or a car accident […]

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A Full Hour

The therapists at Body Ache Escape spend the whole 60 minutes giving you your massage!

Get Your Money's Worth

Our massage costs less per minute than most other massage centers.

Locally Owned

The owners of Body Ache Escape have grown up on the east side of Columbus and love Pickerington!

Pickerington Chamber of Commerce Members

Body Ache Escape is very involved in the local chamber and loves helping the chamber give back to the community.

Amazing Therapists

Only the best get a job at Body Ache Escape Massage Center!

Get Lots of Massage?!

We have discounted packages.
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