Back of Your Shoulder Hurt?

Teres Major

Although trigger points in the teres major are rare, they can be very painful..especially in the back of your shoulder!

Trigger points in the teres major refer pain deep into the deltoid area of the shoulder (mostly posterior) and also down the triceps. The TM assists in medial rotation, adduction and extension of the arm.

If your power steering went out in your car and all of a sudden your shoulder hurts, it’s probably the teres major. Chopping wood and overhand serving a volleyball can also be causes for pain here.

If you think your teres major might have trigger points, have a friend look at your scapula while you reach forward with your arm. If your scapula wings out when your arm is forward and not while it’s down by your body, you likely have trigger points in this muscle.

To fix this muscle pain and almost any other muscle pain take a rest from what’s causing the pain, stretch, get a massage, be careful to not shorten the muscle when sleeping, and roll it out with a foam roller or a tennis ball.