The Quadratus Lumborum

How to Stop Lower Back Pain

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The quadratus lumborum is the most common muscle that causes lower back pain. It causes sometimes severe pain when standing upright. The pain is usually deep and aching and may feel like a lightening bolt which occurs along the pelvis into the lower abdomen. The pain may extend to the groin and the outer thigh. The head of the femur (thigh bone) may be very sore to the touch and may cause you to not want to lay on that side. Trigger points in the “QL” can also refer pain into the SI joint (where you get those little dimples on either side of your lower back) and into your buttock (which can mimic sciatica).
People describe the pain as sharp and stabbing or deep and aching. The pain may be totally immobilizing causing severe depression. If you have trigger points in the QL, you may have a hard time turning, rolling over or leaning to the opposite side, standing from a lying position or getting up out of a chair. You may also feel a heaviness of the hips, cramping of the calves or a burning sensation in your legs and feet.
The QL acts to control side bending to the opposite side and also stabilizes the last rib. Coughing and sneezing canhow to help lower back pain be very painful when trpts are present. The QL also hikes the hip towards the ribs and can assist flexion and extension of the lumbar spine.

What causes lower back pain

Perpetuating factors are usually the cause of lower back pain when the problem has persisted for a lengthy time. These include different leg lengths, short upper arms, and a small hemipelvis. If the pain started recently, it could be caused by lifting something large awkwardly like a tv, your child or a dog. Other things that can cause this pain are: car accident, gardening, scrubbing the floor, walking on slanted surfaces like a beach, or wearing a walking cast.
Sleeping is a big deal when you have QL trpts. The best positions are lying on your back with a pillow under your knees or your side with a pillow between your knees. Soft beds can be torture for someone with lower back pain. So a piece of plywood under a soft mattress can help. If you have a waterbed, you may want to sleep in the guest room until you feel better.
You must also avoid bending forward and sideways at all costs! Try to keep fully erect when rotating. You also want to avoid stooping and forward bending as getting out of a chair. Turning your body 45 degrees and using your legs to push off of will help that.
You will definitely find relief in massage and these stretches in this video.
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