All The Great Things About Owning A Cat

owning a catEveryone knows that pet ownership comes with a boatload of responsibility. What you might not know is that owning a pet provides healthy perks as well. Because June is Adopt-A-Cat month, we are going to look at ways owning a cat can improve your life.

Owning a Cat Reduces stress and anxiety

Cuddling with a feline friend can release soothing, happy chemicals and distract you from any of your worries. Since cats usually have a short attention span, quality time with your cat is powerful. Even a few short minutes can reduce your stress and anxiety in a big way.

Boosts your mood

Who doesn’t love the spunkiness a cat brings to the table (or in some cases ON the table)? If the cuddles don’t lift your spirits, their playfulness will. Since cats are pretty simple, they are able to take the most unexpected item (a plastic cap, a feather) and make it a source of entertainment.

Increase sociability

Owning and also connecting with a cat is a great conversation starter. No matter what type of function or event you are attending, pet ownership can be a way to bond with other people.

Decrease loneliness

Having a feline companion can help relieve feelings of loneliness. Especially if you live alone, a cat’s greeting is much more desirable than coming home to an empty house.

Reduce allergies and boosts immunity

Exposure to pet fur and dander can result in increased resistance to allergies. Not only does owning a cat reduce the risk of depression, but it also promotes socialization, playfulness, and laughter – which all work to help your immune system function better.

Owning a Cat Reduces medical expenses

The calming presence of a cat can lend itself to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Stories are surfacing about how a cat sensed their owner was about to have a seizure and was able to alert them before it happened.

Recover from trauma or grief

Difficult times or mourning are hard. When someone talks to their pet, coupled with petting, can help them work through what’s ailing them. It might seem weird to talk to a pet, but it’s much easier to talk to someone that will listen and isn’t capable of judgment like humans are.

Owning a Cat Promotes Relaxation

Much like massage, owning a cat promotes relaxation. A simple snuggle with your cat can trigger feelings of happiness and love. This can also lead to better sleep habits and quality rest.
You might be questioning if you’re cut out for cats. It doesn’t matter if you’ve always fancied yourself as a dog lover, because the companionship (and health benefits!) you experience by owning a cat is hard to compete with. If you think you have room for a feline friend in your life, check out a local shelter to see if you connect with a pet that’ll bring you much happiness and love.

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