Daytime sunlight is more than just a source of vitamin D. In fact, research has shown that exposure to daytime sunlight can have a number of benefits for overall health. For example, daylight exposure has been linked to improved mood and increased energy levels. It can also help to improve sleep patterns and fight fatigue. Additionally, daytime sunlight helps the body to better absorb calcium, which is important for bone health. So, next time you’re feeling sluggish, take a break and step outside into the sunshine. You may just find that you have more pep in your step.

There’s no denying that sunlight is pretty darn beneficial. For one, it helps our bodies produce vitamin D, which is essential for keeping our bones healthy. It also boosts our mood and can help stave off depression. Furthermore, daytime sunlight helps to improve our sleep quality and can even help to fight off seasonal affective disorder (SAD). And if that wasn’t enough, it can also help reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer. So next time you’re feeling tired or down in the dumps, head outside- your body will thank you for it!

21 Tips to Improve Your Sleep

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21 Ways To Sleep Better Tonight As you all may have figured out, I am an avid reader. My latest read is Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Tips to Sleep Your Way To a Better Body, Better Health and Bigger Success by

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