How Bad Is It When A Woman Hasn’t Shaved Her Legs??!!

shaved her legs

The number 1 phrase said when I massage a woman’s legs is, “I’m sorry. I forgot to shave my legs.”. Listen up women! STOP Apologizing! Massage Therapists DO NOT CARE if you have legs as hairy as the ones in this picture. We just need to use a tad bit more oil so we don’t rip it out! And as a bonus for us, a little stubble gives us a nice exfoliation! :)

A massage is the best time to relax and not worry about what other people think of you. Don’t worry about your muffin top or your cankles or your psoriasis. We do not judge on the massage table. Everyone is a beautiful mass of muscles.

Please do not be hard on yourself in the massage room! The massage room is where you are supposed to be able to escape from that! Give us a call to schedule your next massage or schedule online! 614-604-6358

how bad is it when a woman doesn’t shave her legs? It’s not bad at all. In fact, many women choose not to shave their legs for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s a matter of personal preference; they simply don’t like the way shaving makes their skin feel. Others may find that shaving irritates their skin or causes razor burn. And then there are those who simply don’t have the time or energy to shave on a regular basis. Whatever the reason, there’s no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about not shaving your legs. In the end, it’s entirely up to you whether you want to shave them or not.