Stop Jaw Pain with This One Technique!

The Masseter

stop jaw pain


Last year on America’s Got Talent a man tried to carve an apple while it was in his assistant’s mouth. The stunt was a complete fail and since the girl had to hold the apple for so long, she couldn’t close her mouth afterward. It looked so painful! She experienced what is called lockjaw or trigger points in her masseter muscle.


The masseter is the muscle most likely to cause severely restricted jaw opening. Trigger points here can refer pain to the teeth, the eye and the ear.


Other than holding an apple in your mouth for a long period of time, you can also get trigger points here from trauma, overuse, poor posture, or holding your jaw in awkward positions.


You should be able to open your mouth wide enough that you can put at least two knuckles between your teeth.

How to Stop Jaw Pain Permanently

To help these trigger points heal and stop jaw pain for good you will need to avoid exhaustive chewing (gum, fingernails, ice), grinding or clenching your jaw, and maintaining good head, neck, and tongue posture.  In an ideal tongue posture, the tongue will rest gently against the roof of your mouth and away from the teeth. During rest, the mouth should be closed and the teeth parted.


In the video below, I demonstrate a self-massage for the masseter muscle to help stop jaw pain.


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