This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get. In a very short answer at least once every 6 weeks and at most every day!

The frequency depends on 3 things: Your budget, Your time & Your body.

There’s no one answer to the question of how often you should get a massage. It really depends on what your goals are, and what type of massage you’re getting. However, most people find that getting a session every few weeks is ideal for maintaining their health and well-being. If you have specific concerns that you’re hoping to address with massage therapy, talk to your therapist about how often they think you should come in for treatment. Whatever frequency you choose, we hope you’ll enjoy the many benefits of regular massages!

The effects of massage are cumulative, meaning they build up over each session. If you wait longer than 6 weeks, it would be like starting all over.

I myself would love to get a massage a couple of times a week, but because of the factors above, I settle for 90 minutes twice a month.

If you have an acute condition (ie. your back “goes out”), its best to get several treatments scheduled really close together to get the problem taken care of. Then you can spread the appointments out more.

When you come in for your appointment, ask the therapist how often you should be there. They will be able to tell if you should come in next week or next month.

In a nutshell, if you have the time & the money, get a massage often! It will be great for your body!

Here’s a fun throw back clip to one of Kyron’s massage videos.

how often should you get a massage