Do you swell up frequently? I had a conversation with a client this week who recently had knee replacement surgery. He was curious as to why he swelled so much. He and I were pondering where all that fluid came from, so I told him I would investigate and write about it! Lucky you! :)swollen feet can be painful

There are quite a few reasons why someone might be more prone to swelling than the person sitting next to them. I was surprised!

1. When the body is damaged (trauma of some sort) or has inflammation or is having an immune response it can cause the fragile capillaries to leak fluid out. When the capillaries have an increased pressure within them it can also leak fluid out. This can be from an allergic response or hot weather and sodium retention.

2. The lymph system (waste removal system) has an obstruction. This can be due to infection, parasites, missing lymph nodes (either from surgery or genetics), or radiation treatment.

3. Congestive heart failure- when the heart starts to fail, it can’t pump the fluids fast enough.

4.  Kidney problems- the kidneys are our filtration system, but if there is damage or disease to the kidneys they can’t filter fast enough resulting in water retention.

5. Physical Inactivity- when you sit for too long it causes fluid to build up in the legs causing the capillary pressure to build up (see #1)

6. Severe protein deficiency

7. Some medications cause water retention

8.  Not enough Vitamin B1, B6 & B5 in the diet.

9. Thyroid disease

So what can you do if you have water retention problems?

1. First, talk to your doctor before following any of this advice! If your problem is one of the more serious ones above, you need to know!

2. Your doctor can help you determine what the cause of the capillary pressure problems is and help you treat it.

3. “The Waterfall Diet” or the Histamine diet- this will help identify foods that are causing an inflammatory response. It will also include foods high in coumarin (celery, parsley and cinnamon) which help with swelling.

4. Do regular exercise.

5. Cut down on salt consumption.

6. Don’t sit for too long.

7. Wear support stockings.

8. Avoid extreme temperatures.

9. Ground yourself. 

9. Massage! Either massage yourself or come see one of us! We can show you how to massage yourself as well.
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