The worst foot pain EVER!!

 ALT="plantar faciitis"Plantar Fasciitis is the inflammation of the plantar fascia which is the thick tissue that connects the heel to the toes creating the arch of the foot. When this gets inflamed it makes the heel hurt, especially in the morning. This can be a big problem for people in the summertime due to wearing flip-flops and sandals.
There are several remedies to plantar fasciitis. First, you need to start wearing shoes with proper arch support. Massage, acupuncture, and icing help as well as rolling your foot out on a tennis ball or golf ball. You could even freeze a water bottle and roll your foot out on it. I have even found that staying properly hydrated helps (1/2oz of water per lb of body weight). One of my favorite ways to help plantar fasciitis though is athletic tape to support your foot. Follow this link to get instructions on how to tape for plantar fasciitis.
I have been to physical therapy for plantar fasciitis. Not only did the physical therapist do all of the above, but he also had me perform two types of calf raises. Standing calf raises with straight legs and standing calf raises with bent knees. I did 20 repetitions of each 3 times, every day. The pain went away within two weeks.
If you’re experiencing foot pain, there are ways to help. We suggest starting with icing the area. You can also try rolling out your feet and doing calf raises. If you’re still in pain after trying these methods, call us to schedule an appointment. Our team of massage specialists will work with you to find a solution that has you up and moving without any discomfort.