Why does my knee hurt? The knee is a complex joint that is made up of bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. All of these structures work together to allow the knee to move freely. However, when one of these structures becomes damaged or inflamed, it can cause knee pain. One common cause of knee pain is an injury to the IT band.

The IT band is a long strip of connective tissue that runs from the hip to the knee. It helps to stabilize the knee joint and allows for smooth movement. However, when the IT band becomes tight or inflamed, it can rub against the kneecap, causing pain. In some cases, the IT band may also need to be released surgically in order to relieve pain. However, there are many different treatments that can be used to ease IT band-related knee pain. These include stretches, massages, and icing. With proper treatment, most people are able to find relief from their symptoms and get back to their normal activities. why does my knee hurt?

IT Band Pain – Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

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