Why you should schedule a couples training massage class

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Does your husband always beg you for a massage? Does your child complain of leg aches or growing pains…or maybe they play sports and keep getting injured? Does your elderly parent need some tlc?

All of these are excellent reasons to schedule a couples training massage. A couples training massage is not a typical massage. It is a class that will show you techniques you can do on one person or each other.

A 60 minute class will teach you each a handful of techniques to use on each other. One of you will be on the table getting the massage while the other person performs the massage with the therapists instruction. The therapist will explain, demonstrate, allow you to do it and then correct if need be.

The therapist will step out of the room and the person getting on the table first will need to disrobe to their comfort level. They will climb under the sheets and blankets and the therapist will come back in and begin the class.

Some couples switch halfway through. Some have one person stay on the table the whole time. It’s totally up to you and your needs. A couple doesn’t technically have to be a significant other. It just means a couple of people. So it can be you and a friend or child or parent.