4 Reasons Massage is Important During Pregnancy

massage during pregnancy

Pregnant women are hands down our most grateful clients that come into Body Ache Escape. Their changing bodies demand a lot from them and make them extremely sore and uncomfortable. This article will cover the 4 reasons massage is important during pregnancy.

While massage helps ease the aches and pains of being pregnant, it also provides loads more value than that.

The Top 4 Reasons Women Need Massage During Pregnancy

  1. Decreased depression and anxiety

    What mom-to-be isn’t worrying about the new baby? And I’ve seen firsthand how traumatic postpartum depression can be. Massage helps that by lowering the cortisol levels in the body. It also lowers cortisol in the baby’s body leading to a calmer baby once they arrive.

  2. Decreases excessive fetal activity

    This reduces the rate of prematurity. Excessive fetal movement can cause umbilical cord entanglement.

  3. Decreases pain.

    Not only does the massage relieve immediate pain, but it is also shown to reduce labor by 3 hours with less need for drugs.

  4. Lowers blood pressure.

    High blood pressure in pregnancy can lead to preeclampsia, a serious problem for mom and baby.

To be most effective, pregnant women should receive massage two times a week with moderate pressure (not too light). This is unreasonable for most people, which is why I recommend the expecting couple come in for a couples massage class. The therapist can show the non-pregnant one some techniques to do at home when the expectant mom cannot make it into our office.

This is an exciting time! Take full advantage of what massage can do to help your pregnancy be as smooth as possible!

Check out this study that proves why it is so important to have massage during pregnancy.