Groin pain can be caused by a number of things, such as hip joint problems, muscle strains, or hernias. Massage can help to relieve groin pain by increasing blood flow to the area and relaxing the muscles. Massage may also help to reduce inflammation and reduce scar tissue formation. For best results, it is important to find a qualified massage therapist who has experience treating groin pain. The therapist will be able to determine the best course of treatment based on the individual’s specific needs.

Is Groin Pain Ruining Your Sex Life?

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The Pectineus The Pectineus muscle is one of the inner thigh muscles. When it has trigger points, pain can radiate deep into the groin and into the hip joint. This muscle flexes and adducts the hip. Cause of Groin Pain

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Groin Pain? Your adductors are tight!

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Groin Pain? Why Are My Adductor Muscles Sore The adductor muscles (the groin muscles) are made of 4 muscles: the adductor longus, brevis, magnus and the gracilis. Adductor Longus &  Brevis The adductor longus is the most common cause

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