The Pectineus

groin pain

The Pectineus muscle is one of the inner thigh muscles. When it has trigger points, pain can radiate deep into the groin and into the hip joint. This muscle flexes and adducts the hip.

Cause of Groin Pain

Trigger points are likely to form from tripping or falling, horseback riding, or sexual activity that requires a lot of inner thigh squeezing.  (typed while wiggling my eyebrows)

Trigger points in the pectineus will shorten your range of motion and cause groin pain when doing “thigh master like” exercises.

How to Fix Groin Pain

You would rarely have trigger points in this muscle only. The psoas is a trigger point sidekick to the pectineus. Go here to see what you can do about that one.

If the pain is lasting way too long, you will need to see if you have different length legs or a small hemipelvis and remedy those issues.

To help you feel better faster, do not sit cross-legged and when sitting your knees should never be higher than your hips. Pick a different position “in bed”.  And when sleeping, lay on the side that doesn’t hurt and prop a pillow between your knees.

Stretching is a must too. Kyron shows you the stretch to do in the video below. Plus a bonus stretch from Michele.

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