The Brachialis

Cause of Thumb Joint Pain

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The brachialis lies under the bicep muscle in the upper arm. When there are trigger points in it, they mostly refer down to cause thumb joint pain. The pain will sometimes extend upward over the deltoid as well.

The brachialis only performs one action. It flexes the arm at the elbow joint. When the humerus (upper arm bone) is fixed the brachialis moves the forearm toward the humerus.

One can get trigger points here from continuous stress on the forearm by lifting heavy objects such as power tools,  groceries or even playing guitar too much. The brachilalis is involved in tennis elbow as well as the biceps and the supinator muscle.

Pain referred from brachialis trpts will increase when the elbow is extended. Active motion of the thumb usually hurts but not active motion of the elbow.

Although this is not the only cause of thumb joint pain, it is very common.

Now the most important part…how to fix it!alt="cause of thumb joint pain"

Only lift light objects and only with the palm up. Hug a pillow at night in bed so it prevents the elbow from tightly folding. For the same reason don’t hold the phone up to your ear for long periods of time. Don’t hang your purse on your forearm. If you happen to play the violin, take frequent breaks. You should do several stretches once or twice a day after soaking the arm in warm water. Try the one in the video below.

Also, massage can help release the trigger points in the brachialis that are causing your thumb joint pain! Give us a call to schedule! 614-604-6358